About Wasambo Boys High School

About Wasambo

Wasambo Boys High School is a boarding secondary school located in Chilumba, Karonga District and serves Forms 1 to 4 under the Malawi MSCE curriculum. We believe in quality education through teaching, learning, and research and we are globally known, and supported in partnership with the University of Dayton, USA.

Wasambo Boys High School is a self-governing, not-for-profit, joint school of excellence. The school provides excellent facilities, qualified and dedicated teachers (minimum degree holding) with obsession and enthusiasm to fulfill the needs of each student in a sensitive, caring manner and a balanced program of academic, athletic, social and cultural activities.

Our core beliefs are based on the fundamental principle that all students can make progress and achieve. We believe in individual student attention. It’s the duty of our school to make sure every student is on track to develop himself into his full potential.


To fulfill our role as one of the top schools in Malawi through a holistic approach to progressive education methods.

Guiding Principals

The Guiding Principles of Wasambo Boys High School shape our students into the future leaders of Malawi emphasizing a sound mind, body & spirit. Our students and their behavior embody each of our four guiding principles:

Academic Success – Harnessing Our Mind’s Potential to Fully Exploit Our Abilities to Become Knowing People In the World.

Healthy Lifestyle – Realizing & Appreciating that Our Body is Our Vessel to Make Change in Ourselves and In the World.

Self-Fulfillment – Unlocking Our Full Potential to be Our Best Self and Lead Others.

Culture & Heritage – Respect Our Cultural & Faith Traditions as a Foundations of Our Morality & an Example from Which We’ve Come.


Knowing that northern Malawi does not have enough educational resources to meet demands, Determined to Develop (D2D) NGO, through its Executive Director, Matt Maroon, made an effort to build Wasambo Boys High School with an aim to foster quality education in secondary schools.

In partnership with the community, civil society and the Ministry of Education, D2D made concrete plans to build an internationally recognized, accredited secondary school in the Chilumba area of Karonga, Malawi.

Wasambo Boys High School opened its doors in September 2017 with the support of the University of Dayton (USA).

Wasambo Boys High School goes beyond academic excellence. WBHS was founded to provide students with preeminent quality education which focuses on intrapersonal development, moral growth and academic accuracy. WBHS promises to produce students ready for tertiary education and principled leaders who will help in transforming the societies in which they live.

School Profile

Our campus is a brand new construction, featuring quality facilities that promote student achievement and harbor success. Our facilities also include newly constructed dormitories for students that feature smaller shared rooms with larger common spaces to promote healthy community development. Faculty and Staff homes are also on site and provide constant supervision of students and their safety.

School Governance Structure

Wasambo High School is governed by the Wasambo Education Foundation. The foundation’s board is comprised of local Malawian leaders and various education officials within the Northern Region. The Wasambo Education Foundation works closely with the US-based board of directors for Determined to Develop.

Business Operations

Wasambo High School was created with the support of The University of Dayton and Determined to Develop. Each of these support organizations come with experience supporting education efforts within Malawi.

Wasambo High School is run through the Wasambo Education Foundation, a not-for-profit entity which governs the school with a Malawian Board of Governors. All funds provided for the high school, whether from school fees or donations, go into the system of the school for operations and development. Funds are also used for scholarships to students from the Wasambo area who have potential but lack financial support.


Determined to Develop

Determined to Develop (D2D) is a Malawi registered NGO working with education in the Chilumba region of Karonga District, in Northern Malawi. Its main programs focus on school tuition sponsorship, girls’ empowerment, extended learning opportunities for youth, nursery school support, and local education partnerships, with Wasambo Boys High School being its largest endeavor to date.


University of Dayton

The University Of Dayton (UD) is a Marianist Catholic University in Dayton, Ohio (USA). UD has years of experience supporting projects in Malawi in conjunction with D2D. Education professors from UD offer their support in the establishment of the rigorous curriculum in place at Wasambo Boys High School.