Wasambo Boys High School Malawi Africa Academics


The aim of the curriculum at Wasambo Boys High School is for students to achieve their potential. The school has a weekly timetable of lessons using a variety of learning and teaching styles that are of the highest international quality.

Students will sometimes work on their own and at other times in pairs or groups. Homework enables students to extend their studies and practice skills they have learned in lessons; this helps them to learn to work on their own.

The curriculum used at Wasambo Boys High School is the Malawi National Curriculum that has been enhanced by English Language Learning standards.

Wasambo places a high standard on academic excellence; therefore, students will participate in a rigorous weekly school schedule that will permeate student-life outside of school as well. Classes are 45 minutes long, providing teachers with ample time for interactive instruction emphasizing critical thinking skills in both an individualized and collaborative manner. Block periods for Mathematics and English that are 1.5 hours long to offer students and teachers the time to engage in student-centered, experiential learning that goes beyond rote memorization and lecture based teaching strategy. Each core science class, including Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry, in addition to being offered every day for 45 minutes, will also receive a block period once a week for 1.5 hours to pursue investigative learning in a laboratory setting that complements classroom activities. Humanities are offered 3-4 times a week as well, including History, Geography, Social and Development Studies, and Agriculture, rounding out a content-driven curriculum so that when students finish Form 4, they will be well-prepared for their MSCE examinations with dedicated ambitions to pursue university and further their education. Because Wasambo is a boarding school, rich student-life activities after school and throughout the weekend will emphasize the importance of academics, skills of life and society, and some technical skills to develop well-rounded individuals and life-long learners who approach problems—academic and societal—proactively and confidently.

Students will have time to explore their interests out of class through an array of school-sponsored activities and programs that promote creativity, team-work, and extended learning. This informal curriculum will enhance what students learn in the classroom while also emphasizing certain skills and practices that are often neglected from traditional academic curriculum. Core values, such as leadership, teamwork, high self-esteem, and moral decision-making, and a sense of social justice will be the focus for after school and weekend programs and events. As a part of being a well-rounded adult includes health and wellness, athletics will be offered every day of the week and on weekends, where students can play recreationally and competitively. Weekends will provide additional opportunities for students to participate in these activities, as well as field trips, socials, and tutoring sessions. To emphasize that academics are a top priority, formal prep will be held every day, including on weekends, and Study tables on Friday and Sunday.

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