Malawi Africa Secondary Education Wasambo Boys High School


Wasambo Boys High School is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year. Students who fit the following criteria are encouraged to submit the application form found at the bottom of this page.

Wasambo Boys High School accepts students who:

▸ Have completed Standard 8 and written PSLCE with adequate scores
▸ Are not older than 14 years of age
▸ Are entering Form 1

Students and families who wish to apply for Wasambo Boys High School should do so as soon as possible by completing the application form and emailing it to the Head Teacher at [email protected] or by sending a picture of the completed form from their camera on whatsapp to 0992855111.

After submitting the application, we will get in contact with you within two business days. If your son is accepted, parents/guardians will need to submit a deposit of MK 50,000 to secure their son’s place so it is not given to another student.

Term fees are MK 220,000 (includes everything).

Scholarships are not available at this time.

Wasambo High School Application PDF
School Supplies and Packing List PDF