Wasambo Boys High School Malawi Football

Campus Life

Wasambo High School appreciates that boarding is a way of life that influences learners to experience different cultures, grow in confidence, and develop study habits; it therefore offers a community driven accommodation for students.

The boarding at Wasambo High School provides a nurturing and homelike atmosphere in which students can experience a different lifestyle, practice their English and share insight into their interests and culture. Three meals a day are provided by the school.

Housing System

A House System is a way of grouping students into “families” to make sure students have all the attention they need to support their development, from teachers to peers.

The central purpose of the House System is to further the mission and guiding principles at Wasambo Boys High School, emphasizing the education of the whole person—academically, spiritually, and morally.

The House system aims to increase the care provided to all students, strengthen a sense of community, promote the development of relationships amongst students, teachers, and future alumni, and enable a more proactive development of each student’s leadership and teamwork skills.

The House System also provides a focus for group loyalty. These smaller, close-knit environments also allow a space to more-frequently recognize and celebrate each student’s individual talents.

The House System allows teachers to develop close relationships with students, acting as their advisor, instructor, and, in some cases, as a parent-figure to the students in their House. It makes sure no students fall through the cracks and that are all accountable for their progress. Teachers work outside of class with these small groups of students to develop leadership skills that could be targeted to benefit the entire school.

The House System also streamlines communication with administration, community partners, and parents and takes the place of form teachers, making sure parents have a point of contact that stays with their child all four years of school.

Health Services

The health and safety of all students is of utmost priority to our staff. Members of our staff are trained in live-saving first aid and CPR and there is transportation available to the local hospital. Our campus is just 10 km from St. Anne’s Clinic and an hour’s drive to Karonga District Hospital. There is a stocked first-aid kit on campus at all times.

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations are a key branch at the campus so as strengthen student professionalism. Students will be exposed to various activities at their own interests. Some of these activities include: Environment Club, Literature Circle, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Speeches, & Debate/Drama, Bible Study, ect.


Athletics & Sports are integrated into campus life at Wasambo. The school calls attention to sports and physical fitness to promote the health of the body. Sporting activities available at Wasambo include:

▸ Football
▸ Volleyball
▸ Basketball
▸ Badminton
▸ Track & Field
▸ Running
▸ Outdoor Adventure

Calendar, Schedule & Visiting

Wasambo Boys Secondary School follows the regular government calendar. Wasambo’s daily schedule leaves very little down time as we believe busy students are successful students. Wasambo’s set schedule includes activities are events on Saturdays with Sunday mornings reserved for church services. As such, students are not excused from Saturday activities and should attend only if they are comfortable worshiping Sunday mornings. Only officially registered primary parents /guardians are welcome to visit their wards on Sunday afternoons by appointment through the head teacher.