Our main focus at Wasambo Boys High School is educating the student as a whole and working to help them achieve their full potential through academic exercises rooted in progressive education methods. Students at Wasambo Boys High School should expect to be challenged in every aspect of the schooling process, from the classroom to the football pitch. Our informal curriculum, outside of traditional classroom experience, is designed to allow our students spaces for growth and achievement in leadership and athletics.

The staff of Wasambo Boys High School is comprised of both Malawian and US teachers with a strict cap on number of students per class (80) emphasizing quality and individual attention to each student.

Wasambo High School Faculty
Madam A Morneault

Head Teacher: Abbie Morneault

Madame Abbie Morneault (pronounced “More-No”) is a trained teacher from the United States with a master’s degree in International Education Policy from the American University, Washington D.C. Having taught for several years in USA schools as well as Malawian schools, she has been a proud partner in the formation of Wasambo. Under Madame Morneault’s leadership as the inaugural head teacher, she will steer the relationship with our partner, the University of Dayton (USA), with the aim of developing the school into a leader in Malawian education.

Teacher: Daniel Mnthali

Mr. Munthali obtained his bachelor’s degree of Education Science from University of Malawi, Chancellor College majoring in Biology, minoring in Chemistry. He joined us in the first year of Wasambo Boys as a science teacher and Boarding Master. Beginning in September 2019, Mr. Munthali will act as the Deputy Head Teacher.

Boarding Master:  Wanangwa Nyirenda

Mr. Wanangwa Nyirenda is a humanities teacher at Wasambo Boys High School and beginning in September 2019, he is also the Boarding Master. Mr. Nyirenda is a graduate of Mzuzu University with a degree in education (humanities) where he majored in Geography.

Teacher: Mathews Kadzitaye

Mr. Kadzitaye has a bachelors of education degree from University of Malawi – Polytechnic where he majored in Business and Computer Studies. Mr. Kadzitaye teaches mathematics, additional mathematics, and computer lessons.

Teacher: Odrow Malanga

Mr. Malanga is from Nsanje and a graduate of University of Malawi – Chancellor College. He majored in Mathematics and minored in Physics. He enjoys spending time with our students on the football pitch and teaches mathematics and physics.

Teacher: Pasha Mwakamowo

As a graduate of Mzuzu Univerity, Mr. Mwakamowo is teaching English Literature to all students. He leads the Logic Puzzle and Games Club and enjoys playing football with students.

Teacher: Rabson Nyirenda

Mr. Nyirenda is a graduate of Livingstonia University. He teaches humanities sections of Social Studies and Geography. Students enjoy participating in Mr. Nyirenda’s Debate Club.

Teacher: Honest Simwaka

Mr. Simwaka is a graduate from Mzuzu University where he majored in Chemistry and Physics Education. He teaches science subjects, co-coordinates sports, and leads an outdoors club.

Teacher: Mackenzie Anderson

Ms. Anderson is a graduate of Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, USA where she majored in Geographical Sciences. As a native English speaker, she is teaching English Composition as well as Agriculture. She’s leading our wildlife club and is engaging students in gardening on campus.

Teacher: Conor Cudahy

Mr. Cudahy is a graduate of The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA where he majored in Government and minored in Supply Chain Analytics. Mr. Cudahy and Ms. Anderson are co-teaching English Composition for all levels. Mr. Cudahy enjoys cooking and traveling and is leading the Entrepreneurship Club.