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Wasambo Boys High School
Phulano ~ Chilumba ~ Karonga

Our Mission

To deliver the highest quality education at an international standard but accessible to all, where students can thrive while reaching their full potential. Wasambo High School is focused on educating students in all aspects of their life in a climate that cultivates a passion for learning and a desire to be extraordinary.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to teach, educate, inspire and motivate students to make a difference in their lives and change the world, starting with Malawi.

Our Community

Wasambo Boys High school proudly reserves scholarships for a select number of students from our rural area. These students are chosen with regard to their academic abilities, leadership skills, and level of need. We are committed to the academic excellence of all students from all backgrounds.

Pro Deo et patria

For God and country

Student Objectives

Academic Excellence

Wasambo Boys High School Malawi Academic Excellence

Success through Teamwork

Wasambo Boys High School Malawi Success Through Teamwork

Building Moral Foundations

Wasambo Boys High School Malawi Building Moral Foundations

Promoting Self-Esteem

Wasambo Boys High School Malawi Volleyball

Investing in our Future

Wasambo Boys High School Investing in our Future


Wasambo Boys High School Malawi Africa Education Map

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela